Peach Hula Cocktail by Sara Kauten

We can’t thank Sara enough for infusing a little sweet serendipity into our collection of cocktail recipes. Do yourself a favor and mix up this Peach Hula magic for your guests this weekend.

Peach Whiskey Smash by Northern Daisy

This beautiful and delicious ‘Peach Whiskey Smash’ cocktail recipe by travel and lifestyle blogger Lindsay Ashcraft of Northern Daisy has us dreaming of all the warm spring days to come.

Pack a Spring Picnic…Whiskey Girl Style

Spring is finally here… and after months of being cooped up with some sunny moments of reprieve, we just have to get our picnic party on. So how do Whiskey Girls picnic? Let’s get to it…

Spiked Lemonade in ‘Thyme’ for Spring

Whether you’re muddling, snipping, or garnishing, there’s something about infusing a drink with herbs that takes it to the next level. Enjoy this spiked lemonade recipe with fresh thyme, in honor of our growing spring fever!