It’s here­! Spring is finally here… and though Mother Nature doesn’t have to make it to the party if she’s feeling moody, that won’t stop us from planning tons of outdoor fun. After months of being cooped up with some sunny moments of reprieve, we just have to get our picnic party on. So how do Whiskey Girls picnic? Let’s get to it…


Yea, sure, you’ll want to pack a blanket and some cute pillows to make your Insta-friends instantly jealous, but don’t forget tunes! You need a killer playlist to play on your cell or portable speaker. And if music is playing while Whiskey Girls are sipping, you know you’ll need a small clearing for the impromptu dance party that will ensue.

Food + Drink

Whiskey is a given. But the possibilities are infinite when it comes to your serving style. If it’s an early picnic, maybe sipping straight from the bottle isn’t exactly conducive to a productive day. In this case, opt for one of our signature cocktails. We have a ton of recipes to choose from but our spring pick is this Spiked Blackberry Lemonade.

If it’s a later picnic, the night is your oyster! But don’t forget that whiskey on an empty stomach doesn’t usually end well.  If you’re a low-key whiskey girl, grab a bag of pretzels and some fruit. If this picnic will pass for dinner then maybe take some cues from Julia Engel of Gal Meets Girl, because aside from being fabulous, she assembles a killer charcuterie board.

A Backup Plan

Did we mention that Mother Nature can be a bit…unreliable? From light sweaters to rain jackets and leather sandals to rain shoes, be prepared to withstand a little unexpected weather or pick a picnic spot with a little shelter nearby.  At the end of the day, what’s a little weather if it means quality time with your whiskey girls and something delicious to quench your thirst?

Ready to go? We’d love to see your Whiskey Girl gatherings. Use the hashtag #myWGpicnic all spring long for a chance to be featured. We can’t wait to see your picnic shots!


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